About Us

Mclean Automation is all about low power radio and the solutions this wireless technology can offer you as an alternative to traditional cabling. Our license exempt radio links turn problems into extra income for contractors, save money for plant maintenance departments and give much greater freedom to electrical design staff.

A large amount of our work is with remote control and maintenance of irrigation assets. This can involve radio controlled irrigation platforms, level monitoring technology and frost alarms. However, all of our solutions are highly extensible – we can do a lot at the client end, and have integrated our technology with everything from helicopters to traffic control systems in quarries. Our in-house design process also allows us to integrate a variety of communication technologies into our products – including Bluetooth, WiFi, remote internet access, automated SMSs and phone calls.

With over a decade experience in the business, we really know our radio solutions. Have a look around our web site, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!