Level Monitoring

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Level Monitoring

We offer a radio licence exempt wireless water level monitoring system for up to 4 remote dams/bores/rivers/creeks/tanks at separate locations within a 5km range. Levels are gauged by monitoring pressure in a 6mm pneumatic tube pulsed from a miniature air source & telemetering the value to a central receiver where depth is displayed in cm.

The tank transmitter can be solar powered at sites without electrical supply and the 6mm air line means all electronics are in the box, no wires down the bore hole or in the tank. A dry cell powered version of the transmitter is available for temporary deployments where the monitoring requirement moves amongst tanks.

The level monitoring receiver has user adjustable independent Hi/Lo level alarms for each tank. These 8 separate setpoints are linked to a common internal piezo alarm and are individually mutable via 4 isolation switches, one for each bore/dam. A relay output is provided for a phone dialer if alarms to mobile phone are required.

A SCADA version of the receiver has 4 separate relay outputs, one for each tank. In this format the receiver is capable of supervisory control, with the independent relay outputs capable of maintaining tank level within the Hi/Lo setpoints for each remote site.

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